Over the course of 2019, the AASHTO Committee on Knowledge Management will conduct a series of informational webinars on topics of interest related to Knowledge Management. Details about October’s upcoming webinar can be found below:

 “IT for KM: Using Technology to Enhance Knowledge Management”  

To be held on  October 24th, 12:00  – 1:00 PM EST.

Sponsored by the TRB Knowledge Management Task Force &  the Northeast Transportation Workforce Center &  the AASHTO Committee on Knowledge Management. In this webinar, Jez Arroway will share how the Idaho Transportation Department is building a foundation of Information Management, and how that sets the stage for creating Knowledge Management. After 10 years of trail and error, the Peace Corps Launched PCLive in 2015, the agency’s first ever global knowledge sharing platform for staff and Volunteers. Jennifer Hawkins will show how they reviewed, reset and revived this initiative, as well as where the Agency is going with knowledge management overall.

You can access additional details regarding the webinar and registration information by clicking here.

“We hope you enjoyed the webinar. You can find a link to the recording of the webinar, as well as downloadable versions of both presentations as http://netwc.net/itkmrecap/.”